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people around the world do not have safely managed drinking water services


cents from each beverage is donated to charity to build sustainable water projects for people in need


waters that are freely distributed provides one person clean drinking water for life

Turkana village - Isoilo County, northern Kenya

Project completed by WellAware in October 2022

FreeWater was happy to support this project! The community of Atot is expected to experience a population burst that will bring major changes in lifestyle. With the availability of clean water, the community is excited to have gardens and improve their health. Women will be freed from the water fetching role, allowing them to engage in small business and send their children to school. Nomadism is likely to reduce, and water availability will bring about peace and reduce conflict from neighboring communities.


Deborah and her 350 peers were getting their water from a river and contaminated well that was dirty and unsafe for human consumption. With the help of Well Aware, we were able to implement a large-scale rainwater solution that was completed in December of 2021. Typically, Well Aware sees school attendance increase by an average of 34% once clean water is available. We can't wait to see what these kids will accomplish!

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