Frequently asked questions

How is FreeWater free?

FreeWater is paid for by ads that are printed directly onto eco-friendly cans and cartons. Some advertisers may choose to distribute the product for free while others may choose to sell it. Regardless of the distribution model, ten cents per beverage is donated to charity.

Why alkaline?

Alkaline water enables faster absorption and better rehydration. According to many studies, the consumption of alkaline water and food has great benefits for your body, including improvement in bone mineral density (BMD) and muscle mass, protection from chronic illnesses, and effective excretion of toxins from the body.

Why BPA free?

The majority of bottled water is contaminated with the chemical BPA. High levels of BPA have been linked to diseases such as hormonal disruption, diabetes, high blood pressure, infertility, breast cancer, and hazardous effects on the brain and behavior of infants and young children.

Why aluminum cans and paper-based cartons?

Looking carefully at the pros and cons of both aluminum cans and paper cartons, we know neither is perfect - but both are far better for the environment than plastic bottles. Our long term goal is to cultivate, manufacture, fill, and distribute all our beverages in 100% hemp cartons from the same location.

How does your partnership program work?

FreeWater partners are local individuals, businesses, and organizations that are interested in freely distributing FreeWater to their audience. Idealy, FreeWater partners have the ability to line up advertisers and have a distribution location in mind. In that situation, partners can choose the types of advertisements which are printed on the beverages and we will compensate them up to ten cents for each unit they freely distribute. The amount of compensation per beverage is based on several factors, but primarily quantity. All orders of 100,000 or more are guaranteed to receive a ten cent per unit commission. There are certain situations which we will be willing to compensate up to ten cents per beverage even if the partner is unable line up the advertisers themselves. This potential partnership will be based on location, audience, frequency, and our abilty to find the right advertiser to fulfill that niche.

How do people win prizes?

When we fulfill orders of 100,000+ beverages we set aside five cents from each unit for daily prize giveaways and the only way to win is by interacting with the ads on the beverages.

What charities will you donate to?

We are currently contributing our donations to Well Aware ( Well Aware is known for drilling quality wells with a higher success rate than any other organization we have researched. If you would like us to contribute to another organization, please contact us and tell us why.

Can I use FreeWater as a fundraising tool?

We will create special partnerships for 501(c)(3) organizations or any other positive community outlets such as church groups, sports programs, and schools. Partners who are using FreeWater as a fundraiser must be able to sell all the ad space themselves and we will contribute between ten and twenty five cents per beverage to the partner depending on the quantity and the price which the product is sold.

What features are possible when someone scans a QR code?

The possibilities are endless and are only bound by your imagination. Here are just a few examples of special features FreeWater advertisers can offer: collect coupons, watch videos, breaking news, order food, donate now, surveys, register to vote, power point presentations, send or receive value, social media features, humanitarian aid features, military features, VR, AR, XR, or download music, movies, tv shows, video games, and software. We create custom solutions for every brand's needs!

Can I sell FreeWater?

Yes, some people will want to freely distribute FreeWater to their desired audience while others may want to sell FreeWater to their own customers. Regardless of the distribution model, our company will always donate ten cents from each beverage to charity.

Can I resell FreeWater that I received for free?

That isn't what our product was intended for and we want to distance ourselves from such people because we will not be able to guarantee the product's quality if it has changed too many hands.

How do you use cookies on the website?

We use cookies to track users' usage of our site for improvement purposes as well as to keep track of repeat users and users who have set up profiles with us. These cookies help us keep track of what ads user's have seen and in which they are most interested. In turn, better, more targetted and relevant ads can be displayed to these users. If a user watches our embedded YouTube video, google cookies are stored in your browser as well. Please refer to Google's privacy policies to determine how they use cookies.

What is your privacy policy?

We collect emails, first names, last names and phone numbers in order to engage them in conversation about FreeWater. Depending on the person's interest, we will keep them informed about FreeWater events, FreeWater features, how to get their own FreeWater, how to advertise on FreeWater, how to work for FreeWater and how to invest in the Better Than Free company that owns FreeWater. If you wish to be removed from our marketing lists, please use the Contact Us page on our website and ask to be removed from future marketing efforts. If you use our site, we will use cookies to keep track of multiple visits and analytics to understand how you are use our site for purposes of improvement as well as when you scan our partner QR codes and we forward you on to the partner's website.