We are excited to announce that our crowdfunding campaign is live!

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Through this campaign, we’re looking to raise enough money to create our first FreeWater vending machines and to open our first manufacturing facility which will help us expand our operations and produce up to 250 million FreeWaters a year. Please share this link with your friends and family to support our movement!

Save Money

Bottled water costs 2,000 times the price of tap water

Premium Water

FreeWater is natural spring water and all of our containers are BPA free


Our goal is to be net positive by 2030

Save Lives

Ten cents from each beverage is donated to charity to build water wells for people in need

FreeWater is an innovative advertising platform that utilizes premium spring water as a new type of advertising medium while prioritizing philanthropy and sustainability. Ten cents from each beverage is donated to charity to build water wells for people in need. We only need 10% of Americans to choose FreeWater so we can solve the global water crisis permanently

We are partnered with WellAware

We donate ten cents per beverage to WellAware, an Austin based non-profit that builds water wells in East Africa. Every 150 FreeWaters donates enough money to provide one person with a safe water source for the rest of their life.

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Plastic Bottle, FreeWater Bottle and FreeWater Box

We never use plastic bottles

The world is producing a million plastic bottles per minute and only 9% are being recycled. That's a half trillion bottles annually that will end up in landfills, rivers, lakes, and the ocean. Things have become so bad that scientists predict plastic in our oceans will outweigh fish by 2050.

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