Invest in a future where everyone has free access to water, food, and medicine

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"We do things differently

Negative Prices

Better Than Free Inc. is the first company to earn a profit while freely distributeing negatively priced products. Today, the perceived value of a FreeWater is approximately -110% off because our water is free and each beverage donates ten cents to charity. At full realization, our products will be distributed at -150%+ off while boasting larger profit margins than companies that sell similar products today! 

Next Level Effiency

The peak aggregate efficiency of American manufacturing was only 15% in 1995. That means the world's largest companies tend to lose upwards of 90% of the energy and materials involved in their day to day operations. Free and negatively priced products enable new types of manufacturing and distribution models that will triple the output of the world's most efficient companies. 


We are currently raising $500,000 to finance FreeWater trucks and free vending machines in Austin. This will enable us to increase our weekly B to C volume to 10k+ beverages per week.

When we have distributed 250k+ beverages we will raise $10,000,000 to launch a new class of digital security in exchange for 10% of the total number of tokens. The proceeds will finance our first micro-factories and the world's first 100% hemp carton / supply chain.