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Improve your company’s culture, efficiency, prevent hacks, data breaches, and save money. Let's talk

The average cost of a data breach is US$5.11 million

- IBM and Ponemon Institute

The average frequency of a data breach is 1x per week

- Ponemon Institute

Uber had one of the worst hacks in modern history.

The hacker used social engineering to access the personal and financial info of over 57 million users -New York Times

Repurpose your food and beverage budget to make your company run more efficiently. These mini billboards can be used to print critical information on eco-friendly beverages that sit on your employees desks. The majority of corporate hacks can be prevented by continually educating your team about “what not to do” and these waters will passively do the teaching for you. In many cases corporate offices are already spending more than the cost to implement this innovative new HR platform. In addition to promoting responsible behavior, you will also support global causes through our ten cent per beverage donation to help fight the global water crisis.

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