How to advertise with freewater

Get a quote, create your print and digital ad, set up your campaign, receive your water, distribute it, and measure your results - we're here to support you every step of the way.


Gather your digital content

Set up your campaign

Prepare to distribute

Tell your story with multimedia beverages

Tell your story on the physical packaging and connect it with any type of digital media with QR codes. We have creative tools and trusted partners that can help, as well as best practices to help you along the way.



Distribute the water

Make your audience happy

Measure your results

Put your brand in your target audience's hands

Freely distribute or sell the water to your target audience. Physical products are guaranteed to get their attention since it has a long shelf life and the containers are refillable too.

Cheers To FreeWater


Create larger goals

Refine your distribution process

Enjoy greater profits

Track your progress

Keep an eye on your margins and use our data reports to hone in on greater profits.

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