Hall Of Fame

Welcome to the FreeWater Hall of Fame, where we recognize the contributions of those who have made a meaningful impact on our mission of providing free and accessible water for all. Each person on this list has donated at least $50 to help us in our efforts to make free water a reality. Though it may seem like a small amount, their contributions have made a big difference in our efforts to promote the idea that water is a basic human right, not a privilege. We are proud to honor these individuals by inducting them into our Hall of Fame, where their names will remain for life, as a testament to their commitment to a better world.

miro nevanpää aka “the first”

Uplift Digital, LLC


Torge Johannes Witt

Thom Monahan

Uncle Flamingo

Frederico Moreira

Hartmann Beteiligungs GmbH

Frederic Herr

Fabian Lambrecht

Guillermo Borges

Alex A.

Alexa Wollney 🙂

Taylor Doucet

Josh Renken


Aaron Reisman

Pascal Cius

Daniel Santana

Melissa Patterson

Matthew Coletta

Zakary Long

Aedan Prindable

The DMD Guy

Angela Dunlap

Heather Wagner Reed

Charlie Homerding

Sean Connolly

Mike Serpa

Kilam Media

Gage Taber

Sheri Stephen

Alma C. Torres

Christina Hart

Shilo Darling

Amanda Creswell

Joseph Anthony Grande III

Cherie Werner w/ FIESTA

Jerry Foley

Matt Young - Listing Village

Jett Coffeen

Ryan Black

Joshua Hendrix

Gordon Gang

Albert Prewitt

Because water should be free

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