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Plastic water bottles are easy, cheap, and convenient, but we all know they destroy the environment. Over the past decade, the common individual has made a real effort to shift away from plastic bottles. Still, the nature of many business activities seems to remain on the plastic water bottle fad.

But why? The simple answer comes down to money. Businesses like Nestle and Dasani aren’t pushing to eliminate plastic from their water bottles because it will reduce profitability. It’s realistic to assume that having the convenience and cost of a plastic water bottle is keeping businesses from engaging with these big brands when they need water for various reasons. But by partnering with FreeWater, that no longer has to be the case.

FreeWater allows businesses to shift away from ordering plastic water bottles for their needs. Here are three reasons to consider distributing FreeWater for your next event.

1. Sustainability.

It is the new consumer standard. 88% of consumers prefer brands that prioritize sustainability. Partnering with FreeWater proves your brand’s commitment to reducing waste and saving the planet.

2. Cost.

Suppose you need water for an event, why not relay your brand’s message simultaneously? The price breakdown proves that distributing FreeWater at your next event is economically friendly

3. Innovation.

Innovative products get consumers talking. Our impression metrics prove our clients see the results of placing their message on FreeWater bottles. With your intended audience likely directly where you want them, give them something to remember.

By making this simple change, Freewater helps people make a positive impact on the environment and conserve resources while also allowing brands to be in everyone’s hands.

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